Madeleine helps others help themselves.

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Accompanying these times of social distancing and containment, this is an ideal time to bring on new skills to our lives and self-growth. Use this valuable time to enjoy your homes, family, and pets. Do things together, talk, listen, and be affectionate with each other. Strengthen the bonds and communicate. Enjoy each other’s company. Complete projects together and learn from each other’s experiences and be receptive as much as giving and sharing. Stay focused on the positives of bringing your loved ones together and put aside the negatives. This is a unique opportunity for self-improvement, family bonding, and edification.
Allow it to be so.
Below are some ideas on how to complete and achieve the above:
Start journaling. Blog or write about your experiences, your feelings, your loves, your struggles, and challenges. Be creative, learn a craft, play board games, cards build a puzzle. This is a great time to…

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