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Kindness for All

Professions for Peace

“The highest result of education is tolerance” ~ Helen Keller

“Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong.

Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these.” ~ Gautama Buddha

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No matter how crazy-insane your workplace might be, your lunch hour is your time—to chill out, fuel up, and take a well-deserved timeout from the all-consuming work world. And even if you don?t actually get a full 60 minutes (these days, fewer people do), you can still make time during…
4 Things You Can Do on Your Lunch Hour to Promote Weight Loss

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Iniciando la semana con un motivo, desde aquí puedes decidir si empiezas a vivir tu sueño, todo el mundo tiene uno ¿Cuál es el tuyo?

Inspiración pura para recuperar, mantener o iniciar a vivir tu sueño.

Vive tu sueño.

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Psychology makes you think --- La psicología te hace pensar

After some months without publishing anything, this video has pushed me to write again.

I have no better words to explain how you, I, all the humans should live to feel the happiness in our soul, our body, our mind…

Do not feel sorrow or compassion for people not considered “normal” but for those who do not enjoy and value what they have, who they are and who are they surrounded by.

Enjoy it and I hope you feel so motivated as I felt!

Después de algunos meses sin publicar nada, este video me ha empujado para escribir de nuevo.

No tengo mejores palabras para explicaros como vosotros, yo, todos los humanos deberíamos vivir para sentir la felicidad en nuestra alma, nuestro cuerpo y nuestra mente.

No sintais pena ni compasion por aquellas personas consideradas “no normales” sino por aquellas que no disfrutan ni valoran aquello que tienen, aquello que…

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Only Love

only here only now

I used to believe that love was a form of relationship.  I love you; you love me.  That’s our deal.

I would diligently monitor my love relationships.  Feeling hurt or wronged, I would ask- was that an act of someone who loves me?  If she loves me, how can she not see my needs?

Or I would turn this judgment on myself.   Why have I been filled with anger towards her?  Why have I been so cold and distant?

When the ledger got out of balance- and it always did- I called the deal into question.  Does she really love me? Enough?  Or, looking inward, I’d ask whether my conduct suggested the absence of love?  And in either case, I doubted my commitment.  Perhaps time to back out of the deal, I’d think.

All, all, wrong.

Love, as I now seek to live it, is not a relationship or a…

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only here only now

What you don’t have, what you didn’t do, what you did do, what you broke, what you hurt, what you lost, what you gained.

All the pain, all the joy, all the longing, all the intimacy, all the fear and the worry, the cold and the warmth, the isolation and connection.

That angry exchange, that exquisite feeling, that ride down the mountain, that moment of sorrow.

Every single thing.  Each past moment.

All of that- done and gone.

We sometimes dream of the power to go back; we imagine that we might change what we have done or failed to do.  Make things right.

But to have such power would be our greatest curse.  Just adding cascading, infinite layers of second-guessing and regret.

The inescapable reality- and our great gift- is that each and every moment that passes- with all its pain or joy- is now over and gone.


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Eric the Gray

eleven car

Have you ever thought of taking up freelance editing? It’s a good gig for writers because you put your language skills to work and get paid for it, often earning more money than your client will as the author. And with the abundance of folks self-publishing their projects, opportunities are plentiful. After all, every writer needs an editor.

The bad news: Editing is skilled labor, not something you can pick up over a weekend. Before you spill a drop of red ink over anyone’s precious manuscript, you must know these eleven rules of freelance editing:

1. Write. Write some more. Write until knowledgeable people say you are a good writer. You have to understand the rhythm of language to edit.

2. Read. Read some more. Read all kinds of stuff, because it will help you understand the rhythm of language even better.

3. Know language mechanics and grammar rules…

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Grand Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon, AZ

Photo by Dr. Jaime Pujals

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