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Symptoms of Codependency

Symptoms of Codependency.



Divorce Recovery Solutions

Going through divorce is at the best of times, tiresome and exhausting.

  • Are you feeling:
  • Depressed or unmotivated?
  • Like your in a pit and falling further into it?
  • There is no light shining at the end of the dark tunnel?
  • Desperate?
  • Crying with grief?
  • Angry?
  • Bitter?
  • Wanting to move forward but you feel stuck?
  • Then I would say you are needing some inspiration and motivation and a reminder about who you are?
  • Don’t worry it’s quite normal going through what you’re going through or have been through!
  • We all need help at times.
  • You are not alone.

So that’s why I’m sharing this link:

Recommended by: Aspire Magazine-Inspiration for Women

I hope I see you there: It’s a five-part, five-week, Tele-seminar Training Program worth $997-00 for free. (Can’t be bad) Click on the link for further details:

If you manage to listen to any of the teleseminars…

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The Standing Tall Blog

Positive psychology, the science of happiness and human strengths, has been going for about 10 years.  But is there any point in being happy? Why shouldn’t we carry on being grumpy old souls if we want to? Positive Psychology Happy PeopleResearch shows that optimistic, happy people live longer and are less likely to become disabled, and that the immune systems of happy people work more effectively than those of unhappy people. So it is definitely worth trying to be a happier person.

What are the important elements of being happy? Well, it’s about experiencing positive emotions eg joy, rapture,comfort, ecstasy etc. But it’s also important to know what happiness is not…. it is not being a hedonist. That is someone who wants as many good moments and as few bad moments in their life as possible. For example, we can get comfort by eating chocolate, or exhilaration on rollercoaster rides, but you would not have a…

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Christian Women Therapy Blog

Before behavior comes attitude, before attitude comes feelings.

We need to understand how we feel before we act so we don’t act out impulsively.

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written by, Kate Oliver, MSW, LCSW-C

This is the time of year when, like many clinicians, I see a spike in the number of people calling for first time appointments. One of the reasons for this is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD can impact both adults and children.

At it’s core, SAD is a kind of depression that occurs at a certain time of year. If you have ever heard people talk about the “winter blues,” they are typically referring to SAD. Two issues I see which keep people from seeking treatment for SAD is that they worry about being put on medication, and that they have normalized feeling blue at this time of year. If this is you, please allow me to educate you about some of your easy, quick, medication-free options that you might want to try.

1. In the United States, there is an epidemic of people…

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5 Tips For Parenting Adolescents: Part 3.

Christian Women Therapy Blog

Victims of Narcissists may experience:

1. Often feel as you to live to admire his/her talents?

2. Often feel emotionally wounded or irritated that you don’t get choices or don’t get the attention is less than you give?

3. Feel proud of the other or feel reluctant to offer your opinion when they will be different than yours?

4. Often feel the quality of interaction will depend on the kind of mood that they are in?

5. Feel controlled by the person?

6. Afraid irritating them or fear being cutting off or retaliated against?

7. Have difficulty saying no?

8. Exhausted by the energy drain or worry that the relationship causes you?

9. Feel lonely in the relationship?

10. Wonder where you stand in the relationship?

11. In continual doubt about what is real?

12. Reluctant to let go of this relationship due to a strong need to protect it?

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