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Affection is one of the most important emotional needs to be fulfilled while in a relationship as significant as in a marriage. Not everyone knows how to give it and not all know how to receive it.
Affection is not always something that we are wise about but must learn it. Affection, in spite of not being able to give and receive it, is something we all need. Affection is learned and unfortunately, not all grow up in families where it is given spontaneously. When in a marriage some spouses have to learned how to demonstrate this important emotional need and it must learn by practicing it.
Below is a list that may be practiced by spouses. At first it may not feel real, but practice makes perfect. The simple exercise of practicing it and repeating it until it becomes more spontaneous is an effort to be respected and appreciated. For those that do not know how to receive, practice receiving with caring silence and enjoy.
1. Hug and kiss your spouse and tell them you love them every morning while you’re still in bed. Rub their back for a few minutes before you get up.
2. Tell them that you love them while you are having breakfast together.
3. Kiss them and tell them you love them before leaving for/to work.
4. Call them during the day to ask how they are doing and that you love them.
5. After work, call them before you leave to tell them when you will be home, and tell them you love them.
6. Buy her flowers on the way home occasionally, with a card that tells her you love her.
7. When you arrive home from work, give them a big hug and kiss and spend a few minutes talking to them about how their day went. Don’t do anything else before you have given them your undivided attention.
8. Tell love them that you love them as you are having dinner together.
9. Help clear off the table and wash and dry the dishes, giving them, a hug and kiss at least once, and tell them, that you love them.
10. Hug and kiss them and tell them you love them in bed before you both go to sleep.

These are only a few of the ways to express your affection. Time and repetition will help make it more spontaneous and real. Enjoy it, appreciate it and benefit from its gifts.

Madeleine Pujals Maya

BENEFICIOS DEL MATRIMONIO    Escrito por Madeleine Pujals Maya MA, Psy. D.

“El Matrimonio funcional tiene muchos beneficios para aquellos que lo han contratado. Entre las cosas que pueden las pareja casadas disfrutar esta el Afecto, Carino, Amor, y Ternura. La Compania y la Proteccion de su companero/a. La Alimentacion suele ser mas Nutritiva y Disfutada. El matrimonio disfruta de Relaciones Intimas como el Sexo y Communicacion Afectiva. La Auto Estima es favorable entre companeros de vida. El matirmonio se provee de Ayuda Mutua y Apoyo. La Salud es mejor y mas duradera entre companeros de vida. Conyuges suelen poder Ahorrar mejor que aquellos que se encuentran solteros. En el matrimonio se dan sentimientos de Pertenencia tan necesario para una buena salud mental.
La Realizacion se puede lograr con el apoyo del companero con mas facilidad, por el fortalicimiento de tener a alguien al lado de uno quien lo ama, apoya y proteje, permitido por los sentimientos de Alta Estima que promueve una relacion comprometida, leal, responsable y funcional.”

“Trust is a firm belief in the reliability of someone who will be truthful , honest,and loyal.  It must be taken care of with tender love and never be broken. Once shattered it may be repaired, but it will not feel as strong and pure nor will it have the confidence it needs for a whole and meaningful relationship. Trust is that confidence that needs to be nourished and never left to wondering, nor doubt. Trust is one of those purposeful feelings that needs dedicated commitment and engagement for a relationship to survive, in the purity of love and loyality. Don’t lose it, don’t damage it, but feed it and fertilize every possible moment and without exception in each one of your relationships.” Madeleine Pujals Maya

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