Flamenco Dance

I wanted to share certain tools of the trade that every flamenco student should have. Some are completely necessary, and will be listed first on the list, and others can be added on with time according to your practice needs and your continuation on your flamenco studies.

The first thing must be shoes; the experts say that if you plan to dedicate yourself to flamenco, then purchase the most durable and best shoes you can find. If you are doing it just for a small length of time, then purchase something simple and less expensive, but comfortable. Some flamenco shoe stores sell them in categories: amateur, semi-professional, professional, and elite


  1. Flamenco shoes

The shoes must be of good quality, well made, and fit perfect for your feet to feel comfortable, and not be damaged. In flamenco there will be an increase on your stumping the floor strength, and your shoes…

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