Flamenco Dance

430297_10151551713434041_1423908910_n Me in search of my Duende, down a cobbled road in Spain.

In my travels around Spain, I have heard about Duende. For me Duende means an elf. Understanding how folklore and ancient superstition is prevalent in Spain and elsewhere, it didn’t surprise me such a notion of the belief that everyone should be careful with a Duende or an elf. Suddenly, I started to listen some flamenco dancers and even singers in tapas bars express some comments about “she has el Duende” or, “he surely has Duende”, and as time passed, I became intrigued and needed to ask the bartender: “So, what is this thing about Duende?” To which he answered: “just watch the show and you will see it.” So here I was, intently watching this flamenco show, trying to see if any elf would jump into the scene and scare everybody or start dancing too.

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