Flamenco Dance

Word to learn before you read on:

Palos=styles of flamenco (palo really means stick or branch; in flamenco it is explained as the branches of a tree).


When I found out how many styles of flamenco exist, I flipped back and wanted to instead just stick with the popular Macarena dance. Knowing that it was not necessary to learn them all it gave me a relief because flamenco  started to look like a never ending experience, something that for an inpatient person like me it was daunting. This is one of the reasons why flamenco can teach anyone that anything is possible, to never give up, and that is a tool that helps anyone achieve their highest potential. For this reason of so many palos or styles, some people concentrate in mastering only one or maximum three or four.

Flamenco includes dozens of different palos (styles of flamenco)…

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