Flamenco Dance

palmasI had enrolled in the Beginner’s class, and found out that there are things we needed to learn first. She taught us about Compás, which are the rhythms used in each palo or style. She started with Alegrias for us beginners, teaching us the rhythm with clapping hands. In the Spanish expression, sometimes the teacher or director will initiate the people with palmas, which is another way of calling the palm of your hands to start the compás for the guitarist, percussion and singer to start. The calling of palmas tells people to be together and assist in the song. A sense of community is prevalent in flamenco, where the gypsy families work together in unison for the greater good.

When Elba our teacher says, “vamos, palmas” we all know she means a call to us to unite as one; a group of people coming together for…

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