Richard M. Ankers - Author

Kicking at the corners of a dream,

I consider the truth,

I consider the cost,

And peel back the layers of a wish.

Is it possible to rise above

The ordinary, from obscurity,

When so many say you can’t?

The lighthouse at the end of the world

will have the answers,

Shine certainties where there are none.

Won’t it?

At the limits of all that is and will be

There can be only the purity of clear skies

And kindness, fresh breaths, and fresh thoughts.

But where reality finishes

The future begins,

And although I see the dawn of a new day,

I know not how to reach it.

The dream recedes.

The dream fades.

A seagull laughs.

The dream has sharp corners and a lightless pain.

I start to kick again

And hope above hope

That the lighthouse will still be there

To light my way tomorrow.

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