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Why My Dog is my Mentor? - By Marc Winn I am not ashamed to admit that my dog Henry is my mentor. When I state that he is a genius and one of my greatest role models, people tend to look at me as though I’m a lunatic.

It gets even more disturbing when they find out that I mentor other people for a living. How can he be any good at what he does when his special advisor is his four-legged friend? How can he help me improve my life when he looks to an illiterate canine for inspiration?

These are interesting and valid questions, at least on the surface. When you look deeper into the matter you may change your mind… Admittedly, my dog ranks very low in the traditional, wealth-related league of success and so how can he advise me about how to advise others around me?

My wise dog, Henry, has no income, no assets…

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