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Leadership in Practice

Watching the world leads to questions.Watching and observing leads to one to more questions.

There is an old idiom that says “curiosity killed the cat,” which means fundamentally means that inquisitiveness leads one into danger.  According to The Phrase Finder, the first use of the phrase can be attributed to the English Playwright, Ben Johnson, in 1598.  But, what are leaders without curiosity?

Leaders by their very nature are and should be exploring the “what ifs.”  One cannot lead without thinking about how something should be done, or what will result from a specific action.  Thus, if a leader does not have a curious streak, how are the other leadership traits developed? In fact, the archaic meaning of the word curiosity (according to is “careful attention to detail” and “desire to know and learn.”  Essentially, one of the key traits attributed to leaders.

Curiosity while there is a potential downside, it can lead one along…

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Melissa Grainger

Most people spend their lives unsure of what they want…

How often do you sit down and really think about exactly what you want for your life?

When my business coach spoke these words to me it really struck a chord.

What do I actually want? For my life, my career, my partner…

I mean, I know what I don’t want – to be unhappy, job-less, home-less, unappreciated and all that. But if I had to actually write down exactly what I want for my life, how I would like things to go… where would I start?

After all, how can I complain about not getting what I want in my life, when I haven’t really defined what exactly that is?

Most people like to complain, but they aren’t willing to do anything about it.

So I started to do something about it… if you’re in a similar situation in your life, you…

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Don't worry, be HAPPY!

Breaking up is difficult. You go through a period of depression and moping. You never want to get out of the house, you lose interest in all your favorite activities, and you start avoiding your friends. When you are going through a break up, you will need some comfort. Here are some basic comfort tips to help you survive the day.

Comfort food.  Or what you may know as breakup food. Anything that will make you feel happy inside.  Ice cream, a bottle of wine, chocolate and many more. Indulge yourself for these few weeks. But do remember don’t overdo it and make it a part of your daily diet. Comfort foods are meant to just be there for you when you need some comfort!

Comfort clothes. Wear your most comfortable clothes when you are at home. A large shirt or sweat pants. If you have to go out…

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