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Last night’s moonrise with Jupiter.
moon rise and jupiterJornada del Muerto, near Engle, New Mexico, USA.

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International Journal of Engineering and Technology estimates airlines can have about 20 percent more passengers while reducing ticket prices by up to 40 percent if vertical stand-up seats are used instead of the traditional sit-down seats.  Vertical seats are airline seat configurations that allow passengers to stand up while the plane is traveling.  The stand-up seats will have vertical belts to keep the passengers braced into position.  Ireland and China have a lot of interest in stand-only seats and are currently conducting research to see if they can implement the idea into practice.  Airbus filed a patent for a vertical seat that is forward and foldable.  The vertical seat Airbus is developing is similar to a bicycle seat with an armrest and backrest.  The comfort level of the vertical seat is said to be tolerable but only for short durations.  The benefit of stand-only seats is that it reduces operational costs…

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Life is an echo

Seen a lot of posts about religion lately and my view is that you send out as much positive energy as possible. If you don’t sooner or later it catches up to you. There are results for our actions for every action there is an equal reaction so it stands to reason that negative actions will result in a negative reaction. A positive action with the same.

If we wish to enjoy our time on Earth don’t we want to spend it in harmony with others and nature? This is my religion

. Karma catching up

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Just another site


Just another site


This site is the cat’s pajamas


This site is the cat’s pajamas


Just another site

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