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The most famous church in Valencia (Spain) is located in Plaza de Reina, the Cathedral of Valencia. It was built in late 1230-ish with Gothic and mix of Barque architecture styles. It was curiosity that brought us to visit the Cathedral. Curiosity to see the Holy Chalice in the Cathedral that was believed as the true Holy Grail. The chalice was dated from the first century. Unfortunately my curiosity was unanswered. The Cathedral was celebrating St. Assisi feast day with a mass liturgy service. I managed to take some pictures inside but sincerely I did not feel comfortable to do so. The Cathedral was packed with people – a mix of tourists and the residents, those who just sightseeing like us and those who wanted to follow the liturgy service. Dutchie and I felt like disturbing the service, so our visit was very brief.

We continued walking around Plaza de…

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