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Mihran Kalaydjian Mino Playing Marry me, My Love

Melody:  Marry me, My Love
Lyrics: Carla Dawn Dunlap
Music Arrangements: Edward Khoury
Pianist: Mihran Kalaydjian ” Mino”
Record Labels: Paramount Studios

“Marry me, My Love.”

He spoke as the syrup ~ of his accent,
Gathered at the base ~ where her heart abides,
The holiest words ~ angel’s wings can covet,
From the well spring ~ of transparent sighs,
Soft petals of a poppie’s ~ regatta romance,
It’s hope hanging on ~ smoke at her thighs,
Sugary passion’s ~ diving desires,
Rose tinged ~ phaery tales implied,
Where the grapes ~ dream of quenching,
The deep thirst ~ of the wine,
The wine ~ sated moon shining,
Only cries ~ for “Yes, my Darling ever,”
” I shall be only thine”

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