by yaska77

Don’t get us wrong, we love summertime but we find we’re busier doing things other than astronomy in the evenings.  So as the nights start to draw in and things are cooling down, we find we have more time to get the flasks filled up and out in the dark sky watching again.

Last month we managed a shot or two of the Supermoon (as shown below) but not a lot else, something we are very much hoping to rectify in September. But we all need something to look at so with that in mind below we’ve listed a little something for everyone to see, in our monthly astronomy guide for September.

Keep watching the skies!

Tuesday 2nd September – This morning the Moon can be seen at First Quarter phase

Monday 8th September – The Moon is at Perigee today at a distance of 358,385 km (222,690 miles), the closest point of…

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