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By Art Markman, Ph.D. for YouBeauty
It is surely a marker of modern society that we have reached such a high degree of daily stress that we now worry about the amount of worrying that we do.
If you worry that you worry too much, you are certainly not alone. Many people feel anxiety and…
How To Tell If Your Anxiety Is Normal (And What To Do If It’s Not)

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In this season of vacation travel, many of us are happily resigned to jet lag as the price of international adventure. The malaise associated with crossing time zones has been recognized for decades, of course. What?s new is our understanding of the wider phenomenon that…
Our Internal Sleep Clocks Are Out Of Sync

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Thanks to West Nile virus, mosquitoes have been in the news lately—and likely all over your backyard—but how much do you really know about them and the risks they pose?
We spoke with Dr. Jorge Parada, medical director of the Loyola University Medical System Infection Control Program and…
9 things you didn’t know about mosquito bites

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Millions of Americans will take to the road to get that last vacation in as summer winds down, but eating healthy in the car is not easy. Although it’s best not to nosh in the car, after long hours on the open road, a gas station stop can all too easily turn into a junk-food buffet….
6 snacks to skip on your next road trip

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