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Being a good listener is a valuable skill to have, whether at work or in your interpersonal relationships. Very often, we are merely hearing, not listening. Vanessa Tai shares her experience. 

Without coming across as a braggart, I’ve actually been told by many different people that I’m a good listener. Each time somebody tells me that, I’m genuinely surprised because active listening is not something that I do consciously. It’s just that I feel honoured when people choose to open up to me, so the least I can do is to give them my full attention. After all, most of us are all too familiar with the signs of someone not really listening when we talk … and it stings.

To gauge whether you’re a good listener, answer the following questions. When somebody is talking to you, do you do any of the following:

Check your phone?

Think about what you’re…

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The Science Behind Consciously Controlling Your Immune System: The Mind-Body Connection


Results of a study conducted with the use of the Wim Hof method suggest that a person can learn to consciously control his immune responses. Wim Hof is a Dutch world record holder who is famous worldwide for his ability to resist cold. For this incredible invulnerability to cold, he was commonly nicknamed “the Iceman.

Scientists led by Matthijs Kox of the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, studied his method, which is somehow similar to the Tibetan Tummo technique (yoga of inner heat) and involves third-eye meditation, breathing exercises and cold exposure, and used it to train 12 volunteers to fend off inflammation.

In the framework of the study, 24 volunteers, including 12 people trained in the Wim Hof method and 12 who did not undergo any training, were subjected to the inflammation…

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The Best Marriage Advice from a Divorced Man. | elephant journal.

Why Everyone Should Get Divorced Before Marriage. ~ Alyssa Royse | elephant journal.

Orange Crush

By Madeleine Pujals Maya

By Madeleine Pujals Maya



Happy Monday! Hopefully your whole day will be positive so you can just take a moment to reflect on how wonderful it was.


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Just another site


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This site is the cat’s pajamas


Just another site

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