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Soul Gatherings


May I and all beings be free from pain and sorrow.
May I and all beings be held in compassion.
May I and all beings be reconciled.
May I and all beings be at peace.

~ Jack Kornfield ~


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A Window Of Wisdom

photo(327)If within your thoughts you feel you will fail; unconsciously you will be trying to fail to prove you are right.
~ WOW ~

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Peace, Love and Patchouli

This is a short tale of my day grocery shopping an hour ago and a bit about kindness.

I had my cart filled and I look for the shortest line, because who doesn’t when they see
Each aisle with a light on five people deep waiting?
I find a light where there are only two guys buying beer and limes(atta boy for that one boys) so I unload my reusable bags and load up the conveyor.
The young guy at checkout barely makes eye contact and asks if I found everything to which I replied, and then some, as I always do.
He starts packing my goods in the plastic and I remind him that to only use the plastic for the meats if he could, thinking he forgot my cotton ones that he had placed behind him.
He starts scanning again, one item at a time looking at each…

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How I Found Magnificent Love (And How You Can, Too)
One of the most important lessons I?ve learned about relationships is this: how you think and feel about yourself determines how others think and feel about you, too. Read
Gratitude has the ability to bring us peace and serenity. It…
7 Ways To Bring More Gratitude Into Your Life

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Happy 4th of July!



Seasonal colours.

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This site is the cat’s pajamas

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This site is the cat’s pajamas


Just another site

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