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Never too far from home.

Material World

Each of us know just how we like to express our love for our partners, but today, Deborah Tan wants everyone to stop and think about what YOUR partner’s language of love is.

Is this the look your man gives you every time you speak your love language? Is this the look your man gives you every time you speak your love language?

“What’s your language of love?” I asked my friend one night when she was lamenting to me about her boyfriend.

I got a lost look.

“Well, according to what I learned from Vanessa and Lili (co-founders of Material World), there are five love languages.” I went on to elaborate, “Acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, spending time and gift-giving.”

More lost look from my friend. I sighed in exasperation. “I’m not trying to play relationship counselor here but it seems to me that the both of you are speaking entirely different love languages. Your boyfriend expresses his love for you…

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(HealthDay)—U.S. women still see breast cancer as a bigger killer than lung cancer, despite the fact that lung cancer kills more Americans each year—women and men—than any other cancer.
That?s one of the findings from a new American Lung Association (ALA) survey of over 1,000 adult…
Lung cancer not on many women’s radar, survey finds

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O So Lonely

Mihran Kalaydjian's Official Blog

O So Lonely
Are the days gone by.
When others enter your life
Then you push them by.

O So Lonely
When you were in control.
To love them or leave them
You were ever so bold.

O So Lonely
While you sit alone.
No one is there
To make your house a home.

O So Lonely
After all the hearts you break.
Did you ever think it was you
Who you’d really forsake?

O So Lonely
When life was just a dare.
You didn’t take time to love
You didn’t try to care.

O So Lonely
Have you learned the rule?
That its not just about you
But it does take two.

O So Lonely
Why sit and contemplate?
While others enjoy life
Its never too late. 


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Hope & Love Radio
This song is not on my station yet as a result of having trouble finding the mp3. However, I think its a beautiful piece. I first found about it when I sang it at USDAN camp as our end of summer song. I still remember all the words and I think it really touches people’s hearts.

This song is hard to sing
Because goodbyes are hard to say
But I know it’s only for a time
We will meet again someday

The song we’ve left unsung
Will keep ringing in my heart
Till the melodies keep echoing
And help me do my part

To let the light of our love shine
For all the world to see
Let your joy and laughter
Become a part of me

And because I have known you
My life will never be quite the same
May your spirit
Live through me

The time…

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Relax, Don’t Stress.

Saying Sorry.

Being Friends With Your Spouse.

Espacio de Jaime

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Just another site


This site is the cat’s pajamas


This site is the cat’s pajamas


Just another site

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