Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

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For me, An Upturned Soul never writes a blog post that doesn’t trigger long periods of reflection.  Such is the case with her post for today titled, Then He’d Look Off Some Place in the Distance… At Something Only He Could See.  While this particular post is about knowing ourselves, learning others, and the private “Us” that we sometimes never share with anyone, some of the content made me think about how some of us find ourselves involved with a disordered person, such as a Narcissist.

I have chosen a few nuggets of wisdom that Upturned shared, and will illustrate how wanting someone to “get us” may result in our turning a blind eye to logic and jumping in with both feet, making us vulnerable to emotional predators.

  • But so many people are in such a hurry to know someone else, to sum them up quickly and…

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