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By Madeleine Pujals Maya

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tempted by the fruit of another

I’m writing this post as a dedication to those people who are feeling so hurt from their partner’s infidelity. I want them to know they are amazing people and worthy of great love and respect.

Don’t let your partner’s infidelity define you, but refine you. Evolve, become someone greater, better and happier.

I remember Ivana Trump’s famous line, “Don’t get mad, get everything!” That always made me chuckle. She was going through a very public, very expensive divorce. That’s not the reason I chose the quote. I admired her for keeping her head up and rising above Donald’s infidelities.

What does “everything” mean to you? To me, it means happiness. That word is an open word left to translation by the individual.

For me, happiness is on my path. I could take many paths, but I choose happiness. I want to see my children grown, married, happy and raising their…

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Los Angeles therapist, Rose Grakal, M.A., MFT, and I had an interesting discussion about codependency. What is it? More importantly, what to do, if you suspect it is a problem in your life? We agreed it?s an often-misunderstood term, so overused in our culture that it has become a…
Clearing Up Codependency

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Monday April 28 2014

The lack of oxygen at altitude could reduce your appetite

“It really is thin air! Living in a high-altitude city nearly halves your risk of…
Does fat ‘disappear’ into thin air?

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