Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Image ~ photo by Amelia Garrick

By Kim Saeed

You disappeared so long ago

a slow, painful deliverance.

Your voice was silenced and you became invisible

as you vanished into your captor.

He bled your soul into his veins;

Because he can never be autonomous

He can never be you.

So he stole your spirit and made it his own.

A thousand years became a minute

You dwelled in purgatory, until…

You heard a voice

The voice you silenced

It said, I am still here…

So while no one was looking, you escaped through his laughter

Raw and vulnerable, afraid to be seen.

You hid under a dark cloud

His presence ever-ominous.

Afraid that no one would see you;

that no one would receive you

For you believe you’re not worthy

But, you are worthy.

I still remember you

I see you…not the cloud

I see your beautiful soul

I see the memories…

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