Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


There isn’t a magical phrase or declaration.

You can’t simply listen to a self-help CD one time.

One therapy session won’t do the trick.

The change won’t happen as you sleep.

You have to retrain your brain.

It will be an exercise in mental toughness.  No one can rescue you, although there may be people that will try.  The only person that can save you is yourself.  That means going No Contact, not entering into a new relationship too fast, learning which healing methods are beneficial to you, and lots of self-pampering.

Just as it took months or years for you to grow into the mindset you have now, it may take months or years to re-condition your mind with different beliefs, especially if you are codependent due to a painful childhood.

It’s like military boot camp and it will entail a similar process.  Every day, you’ll need to do…

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