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Did you know that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

Please help us raise awareness by sharing this infographic. A special thank you to RAINN for providing the information. We are also posting the infographic to our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages today. Please feel free to share this content on those platforms.

Thank you very much in advance for helping the cause.

** Please note that if you press on the picture, you will be able to zoom.


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Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

If not today

First, if you’ve finally left your Narcissistic spouse, I applaud you.  Though there is still a way to go in the battle for your freedom, this is the only first step that will help lead you there.

While there are different types and subtypes of the Narcissistic personality (Vulernable v Invulnerable and NPD v BPD, for example), they usually fit the same blueprint in their reaction to being left by a partner.  They’ll also take into account what’s always worked for them before.  Therefore, one can generally expect some combination of the following outcomes:

1)       Pretend this is just another quarrel – Though the Narcissist might think you’re really serious this time, he or she will give you the impression that they think it’s just another of your typical disagreements, especially if it’s not the first time you’ve moved in with Mom (or a sibling, friend, etc.).

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Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed


There isn’t a magical phrase or declaration.

You can’t simply listen to a self-help CD one time.

One therapy session won’t do the trick.

The change won’t happen as you sleep.

You have to retrain your brain.

It will be an exercise in mental toughness.  No one can rescue you, although there may be people that will try.  The only person that can save you is yourself.  That means going No Contact, not entering into a new relationship too fast, learning which healing methods are beneficial to you, and lots of self-pampering.

Just as it took months or years for you to grow into the mindset you have now, it may take months or years to re-condition your mind with different beliefs, especially if you are codependent due to a painful childhood.

It’s like military boot camp and it will entail a similar process.  Every day, you’ll need to do…

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SUNDAY April 27, 2014, 2014 ? Laughter triggers brain waves similar to those associated with meditation, according to a small new study.
It also found that other forms of stimulation produce different types of brain waves.
The study included 31 people whose brain waves were monitored while…
Laughter May Work Like Meditation in the Brain

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Let me give you an example of what happens when you confront too early, and another example of what happens when you control yourself, take the time required to gather solid evidence, and then confront.

Loyal Spouse (LS)  finds a gift of a rather “adult”nature given to Disloyal Spouse (DS) by some Other Person (OP). LS also discovers a 1-800 phone card in DS’s possession and DS has a nice, new cell phone with no need for a secret phone card. LS does a little initial checking and can not find OP’s name, address or phone number, and does not see hours of calls on the phone bill. LS suspects a certain co-worker, but has no real proof, just a hunch. LS checks through DS’s phone and finds history is deleted and finds no texts or calls.


LS can not contain his/herself and goes immediately to S2 that night. LS expects to have a “come…

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