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Moon by Madeleine Pujals Maya


Which type of cheating is worse, sexual or emotional? It depends who you?re asking ? more specifically, what gender you?re asking.
A new study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology set out to determine how people feel about the two types of…
Men And Women Have Very Different Views On Infidelity, And This Study Is Proof

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Dreams Come True (2)

When you Wish upon a Star,
Makes no difference who you Are,
Anything your Heart Desires,
CAN Come to you!

Walt Disney

For as long as I can remember, whenever anyone asked me what my Dreams are I have always answered two things: I should like to have my books published/ be a published author, and I should like to go to England.

Nondescript? Perhaps, but My Dreams, nevertheless. I’ve been writing poems and stories since I could hold a crayon, so it only seems logical that at some time or another, with the application of a little energy and passion, I should be capable of writing a book worth publishing and if said book, after being published, should make it possible for me to return to the homeland of my father’s, a homeland I long with all my heart to see, then I shall count it a double Blessing.

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Nutritionists are having a love affair with almonds. Next week at the American Society of Nutrition annual meeting, researchers are set to present six new studies on the health benefits of noshing on almonds. 
Patience isn?t our strongest virtue, so we got a peek at the findings—and…
6 New Reasons to Eat Almonds

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By Kristin Davin, Psy.D., for YourTango
Most of us can admit to remaining in a toxic relationship well beyond its expiration date. Unfortunately, we often stay in them for many reasons, until we’re eventually able to see the relationship for what it really is—and more importantly, for what…
5 Signs You’re In a Toxic Relationship

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the Hunt for Truth


“He that cometh from above is above all:
he that is of the earth is earthly,
and speaketh of the earth:
he that cometh from heaven is above all.”

~ John The Baptist
John 3:31


There were approximately 350,000 births today. Today, humans have an average life span of 31.99 years in Swaziland and 82 years in Japan (see chart). There are nearly eight billion humans on our world. Spirituality connections are unknown to most of the humans here. Some that connect do not know about it. Some that do manage to notice connections allow their doubts to turn them away. These are the conditions into which I like we most of us came to know the world.

There will be good times and not so good times. Perhaps this is a time of an awakening of peaceful and loving service as I see is being blogged and as…

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It happened during my first school field trip where we traveled to our city’s zoo. We were in the lion house and I remembered how the pungent smell hung in the still air. I felt I was inhaling musky cotton balls. The big cats were one of my favorite animals so it was worth the odor to be up close to them. While standing in front of one cage with a pacing male lion, a park attendant who was stationed by one of the main entrances announced to all the visitors they would have to remain in the lion house. The reason was one of the animals had escaped from their enclosure outside. It turned out it was one of the zoo’s star attractions, a large silverback gorilla. My classmates and I were nervously excited with all the commotion this caused throughout the crowd around us. Until the gorilla was…

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Heart of a Caregiver Inspirational Movie – Movie.

May You Be Blessed Inspirational Movie – Movie.

Espacio de Jaime

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Just another site


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This site is the cat’s pajamas


Just another site

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