Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

P T Flea

A common phrase amongst victims and survivors of Narcissistic abuse is, “I’ve been with the Narcissist so long, I’m afraid I’ve become one myself.”

Firstly, if you are feeling any inkling of guilt or remorse about your behaviors, you are not a Narcissist. Narcissists are not capable of self-reflection.  It is likely, however, that you’ve been bitten by their fleas.

I must confess, when I left my Ex-N, I had a small case of fleas myself.  Not in the sense that I could infect someone else, but that I knew him so well, I felt like I was inside of his mind.  Every step he made, I was three steps ahead of him.  I planned most of my activities around his possible reactions.  I learned to deal with him using his own modus operandus.  Although nothing he did ever surprised me, I was still caught off-guard from time-to-time.  In the…

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