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ART Reflections by Madeleine Pujals Maya

Watch yourself! Observe your thoughts and how they impact your feelings and your actions. Don’t allow your negative thoughts to control you! You control your thoughts. Observe, become aware and practice and practice, over and over and change those thoughts to positive ones. Learn to be aware and be present with a watchful conscious to change to a positive life. Madeleine Pujals Maya

Photo Reflections on Affirmations by Madeleine Pujals Maya

Negative thoughts are negative affirmations that we place into our unconscious! STOP IT! Use Positive Affirmations to help you change negative thinking that brings you down. USE Kind words! Say your affirmations in the present. Believe your affirmations and let them fill your mind with good thoughts.Let positive thoughts and affirmation reflect on your mood, your physical and mental health. Make it a habit to say positive affirmations everyday for 10 minutes. Let them sink in to your unconscious and you will change your life. Madeleine Pujals Maya

Think Positive  Photo Reflections by Madeleine Pujals Maya

“It takes the same energy to think positive as is does to be negative. However, being positive is much more productive and fruitful. Therefore, train yourself to focus on the positive. This will make all the difference. Your Mood and your physical health will appreciate it.” Madeleine Pujals Maya

Anchored In Knowledge Counseling

Have you ever felt confused by the psychiatric care of your loved one? If so, you are not alone. Most families are uninformed about the system, what to expect, and who to trust. There are 4 important factors involved in receiving psychiatric care that all families should be aware of.

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the Hunt for Truth


In the faces
of men and women I see God.

~ Walt Whitman


Following is from work by
Wayne Dyer
Ten Principles for Success and Inner Peace


The Ninth Principle:
Treasure Your Divinity

You are a divine creation of God. You can never be separate from that which created you.

While you’re separated in your mind from your source; you lose your divine power, the power of your source.

Just like the drop of water, you too will change form and ultimately return to your source.

Wayne DyerAs long as you feel disconnected from God, you lose the power of your source, which is the unlimited power to create, to be miraculous, and to experience the complete joy of being alive.

Your ego is nothing more than an idea that you carry around with you everywhere you go. This idea tells you that you are…

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Mindfulness is the quality and power of mind that is deeply aware of what’s happening — without commentary and without interference. It is like a mirror that simply reflects whatever comes before it.

It serves us in the humblest ways, keeping us connected to brushing our teeth or having a cup of tea.

Joseph Goldstein, Here, Now, Aware: The Power of Mindfulness

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Source of Inspiration

divine mother

The feminine aspect of God

Mother Divine

nurturing, creating, guiding

part of us all

waiting to be expressed.

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In helping others you do not just help that one person,

you also touch the lives of all those around them as well…

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Just another site


Just another site


This site is the cat’s pajamas


This site is the cat’s pajamas


Just another site

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