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Meditation Changes Brains!

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Matthieu Ricard is the world’s happiest man; according to researchersThat’s not even the amazing part… so, here is a short but comprehensive look…

at meditation benefits and basics…

spend 20-60 minutes here.

meditation and
mindful practice


According to Ricard (text)…

“In the Western world, meditation means sitting under a mango tree in a blissed out state. The prevailing idea is that you have to sit down and empty your mind. It’s not that at all.

You have to clean up a bit. We have so many wandering and intrusive thoughts. So you have to be in control of your own mind. Meditation means inner freedom.

Inner freedom doesn’t mean following every chain of thought. It’s like a sailor who takes the helm and decides where to sail instead of drifting with the current.

If you want to…

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Mindfulness improves reading ability,
working memory, and task-focus


If you think your inability to concentrate is a hopeless condition, think again — and breathe, and focus. According to a new study, as little as two weeks of mindfulness training can significantly improve one’s reading comprehension, working memory capacity, and ability to focus. (source)



Findings were recently published online in the empirical psychology journal Psychological Science.

Michael Mrazek, author of the paper:

What surprised me the most was actually the clarity of the results. Mindfulness Training Improves Working Memory Capacity and GRE Performance While Reducing Mind Wandering.” “Even with a rigorous design and effective training program, it wouldn’t be unusual to find mixed results. But we found reduced mind-wandering in every way we measured it.

To investigate whether mindfulness training can reduce mind-wandering and thereby improve performance, the scientists randomly assigned…

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Research Demonstrating 
Mindfulness Stimulates Beneficial Molecular Changes

Some people level criticisms at the practice of reciting affirmations (for hours on end), saying this doesn’t [always] bring about the results that speakers and the self-improvement books may promise. It turns out that there is good reason that positive affirmation may be inadequate for making significant (manifesting) changes.

This study indicates that significant positive effects are predictably going to be found by meditators that are following mindfulness practices. In fact, the study results indicate that attaining mindfulness is key to positive beneficial results.

Our genes are quite dynamic in their expression and these results suggest that the calmness of our mind can actually have a potential influence on their expression,” says study authorRichard J. Davidson Richard J. Davidson, founder of theCenter for Investigating Healthy Minds; the William James and Vilas Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

People that suffer from…

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Can you be gratitude?


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is
like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
~ William Arthur Ward


This is from work
by Ahalya Kumaran


How To Show Gratitude in Five Different Ways

How do you show gratitude? What do you actually do when you feel grateful for someone or something in your life?


Five ways to show gratitude:

1. Give a special note of acknowledgement: On someone’s birthday, instead of writing them an ordinary Happy Birthday note, tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them something specific they did that made a difference for you. Tell them why you’re grateful that they’re in your life. And of course, this doesn’t have to be limited to birthdays only. Any day is a good day to send a note like this.

2. Return the favor: Do something thoughtful…

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