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Live & Learn


Source: Thank you Karen’s Korner. Music by Soko “We Might be Dead Tomorrow” on iTunes.

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10 Ways to Increase Self-Esteem.

Photo Reflection by Madeleine Pujals Maya

“Be yourself. Take off the masks, be genuine and spontaneous as often as possible. Make it your natural state.”

Wellness: Drink Water.

The Wellness Almanac

When I was pregnant, my midwives suggested that if I was craving sugar, it was a sign my body actually wanted protein. (They also said that if I ate too much sugar, I’d have an unnecessarily big baby, and that was pretty much all the incentive I needed to lay off the Cocoa Puffs and frozen cookie dough…)

Roy McClean shared this via twitter, and it struck me as an interesting and slightly more elaborate articulation of that idea.

(Of course, fruit and nut chocolate seems to be the solution to everything…)


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The Wellness Almanac

I’m kind of a sucker for these inspirational quotes that do the rounds on facebook, pinterest, instagram, etc.

The other day, this one grabbed my attention. (Maybe it resonated because I have a kid now, and I’d like to not make the same mistakes my parents did. I’ll make my own mistakes, for sure. But if I can break the cycle on some of theirs, at least they’ll be new ones.)


A few days after I “liked” the above, a friend shared this one, below.

And my heart gave a great big sigh.

Aiming for extraordinary can feel like a helluva lot of pressure.

Maybe perfectly ordinary is perfectly alright.


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Just another site


Just another site


This site is the cat’s pajamas


This site is the cat’s pajamas


Just another site

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