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Wellness: Drink Water

The Wellness Almanac

Everyone you love is 72.8% water.

And you are, too.

It’s kind of a cool nerdy scientific fact. (Thanks Karen Tomlinson and “I freakin’ love science.”)


I’ve been trying to hydrate of late.

It perplexes me that it’s difficult. That I have so much resistance towards drinking 6-8 cups of water a day. I want tea, coffee, juice, wine. I push the water away.


But I recently interviewed a physiotherapist and Rolfer from Squamish, Paul Sherman. And he told me about fascia.

Until recently, fascia was covered in a cursory, half-page entry in door-stop sized anatomy textbooks. The gel-like goop, or connective tissue, was traditionally peeled away a like plastic wrap by dissectionists trying to get to the good stuff, and pretty much ignored.

But really, the fascia is what hangs everything together. It’s a densely packed connective tissue that allows muscles to slide and glide, hangs organs in…

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México: Live it, Love it


Little did I know that during one of my earliest trips to a tendejón (small family owned store) in the Yucatan Peninsula that dropping a coin on the floor would open the door to the complicated world of speaking Spanish in the region. Putting a pause to paying the young man behind the counter I got on the floor to look for it and our dialogue went as such:

Owner: ¿Lo buscate, joven?

Me:       [ pondering in my head why he would be asking if I looked for it. Is it not obvious that I am in the process of doing such? Everybody knows that ‘buscar’ means to look for.]  Ah, sí, lo encontré!

Owner:  [laughing and realizing that I learned Spanish outside of the Peninsula] Qué bueno que lo buscate.  Aquí decimos lo busqué… no encontré.

So, with this conversation the language I had learned in first year Spanish in high…

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