Jeff Sinon Photography

Chasing Sea Smoke. 

Whaleback In The Sea Smoke

The conditions couldn’t have been more perfect for capturing my first images at the beginning of the new year. The northeast had just experienced a nor’easter that brought as much as a foot of fresh snow to the region, followed by brutally cold arctic air.

When my photographer friends and I heard that the temperatures Saturday morning were forecast to be well below zero, many of us thought the same thing ~ Sea Smoke.

Sea smoke can make for dramatic and ethereal seascape images, and when backlit by the rising sun, the results are magical. But the conditions have to be just right for sea smoke to form. It has to be cold, very cold. Below 0°F is best, along with little to no wind. And when this extremely cold air mixes with the thin layer of relatively warmer air near the water’s surface, you get…

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