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136048-136019In this blog written by Heather Edwards, LMHC and Mark Banschick, MD originally published in Psychology Today, five simple tips are offered to breathe new energy into your marriage.

It’s Time to Kick-Start Your Marriage:

It’s easy to get caught up in work, childcare, managing your home, and keeping up with bills. The day to day realities of adult life can be draining, and under these pressures, any relationship can atrophy.

Marriage Has Positive & Negative Cycles:

Most couples go through it. Communication breaks down, sexual intimacy becomes an after-thought, fun is infrequent, and empathy is a strain. Sometimes conflict and arguing escalates, or for others, the marriage starts failing as the couple resorts to living parallel lives. Either way, the negative cycle has replaced the life enhancing positive cycle that couples find when they turn love into an action verb.
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Since the “D” word was…

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Shame, a Toxic Foundation.

Emotional Wellness.

Dealing with Toxic people. . ..

8 Tips to Enhance Your Well Being.

Positive Thinking: A Closer Look at What It Really Means.

What are important qualities of that significant other?.


This is a presentation I gave at a Single Parent Forum in November 2013. It explains what counselling and psychotherapy are, why people go and what to expect. Enjoy!

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