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Victims of Narcissists may experience:

1. Often feel as you to live to admire his/her talents?

2. Often feel emotionally wounded or irritated that you don’t get choices or don’t get the attention is less than you give?

3. Feel proud of the other or feel reluctant to offer your opinion when they will be different than yours?

4. Often feel the quality of interaction will depend on the kind of mood that they are in?

5. Feel controlled by the person?

6. Afraid irritating them or fear being cutting off or retaliated against?

7. Have difficulty saying no?

8. Exhausted by the energy drain or worry that the relationship causes you?

9. Feel lonely in the relationship?

10. Wonder where you stand in the relationship?

11. In continual doubt about what is real?

12. Reluctant to let go of this relationship due to a strong need to protect it?

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