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Positive psychology, the science of happiness and human strengths, has been going for about 10 years.  But is there any point in being happy? Why shouldn’t we carry on being grumpy old souls if we want to? Positive Psychology Happy PeopleResearch shows that optimistic, happy people live longer and are less likely to become disabled, and that the immune systems of happy people work more effectively than those of unhappy people. So it is definitely worth trying to be a happier person.

What are the important elements of being happy? Well, it’s about experiencing positive emotions eg joy, rapture,comfort, ecstasy etc. But it’s also important to know what happiness is not…. it is not being a hedonist. That is someone who wants as many good moments and as few bad moments in their life as possible. For example, we can get comfort by eating chocolate, or exhilaration on rollercoaster rides, but you would not have a…

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